Are there allergens in your products?

Our foods are processed in a kitchen that does and could contain milk, eggs, soy, nuts (including: peanuts, tree nuts), wheat, and corn.

What is your shipping policy?

Currently we do not ship. You can find our products at your nearest event or contact us for a pick up order. Pick up orders must be placed a day in advance. Use our contact form to get your order started. Pick up dates are Monday - Thursday 10am to 4pm

What are your sizes?

We offer our pickles in half pints, pints and quarts. Our Sweet & Spicy is available in a half pint.

Can we book your stand for our event?

We love meeting new people. Reach out via our contact page with information on your event for more information.

What products will you have at the event I plan to attend?

Our products vary from event to event. We will always have our classic dill so don’t worry!

Can I place an order and pick up at an event?

Absolutely! Orders must be placed two days prior to the event and be prepaid.

Are the Sweet Carolina Reds Hot?

No! They are sweet. Our Sweet Carolina Reds are our take on Bread & Butter pickles. They have delicious red bell peppers which gives it the signature color.

Are your pickles gluten free?

Yes, our pickles are naturally gluten free but are not certified gluten free.

Do you grow your own cucumbers?

No, we leave growing to the farmers who know how to do it best. We source from farms along the east coast.

Are your pickles Keto friendly?

Our regular and hot pickles do not contain any added sugar and are a perfect snack while on the Keto plan. Our sweet pickles contain sugar.

How do I order wholesale?

At this time we do not sell wholesale. Find us at your closest festival.